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Organised schemes

A person who requires an appropriate adult has the right to have someone they know (such a parent, partner or carer). 

As an alternative, there are appropriate adult schemes. These are organised locally. If you want to find out more about schemes in your area, you can use our Network Map.

Referalls to organised appropriate adult schemes are usually made via the police. This is because the police are legally responsible for deciding who needs an appropriate adult. If you feel you need to get an appropriate adult for yourself, or for someone you know, you should tell the police why an appropriate adult is needed (see Who do appropriate adults support?). The police should have the contact details for the local organised scheme.

Please note that NAAN does not provide appropriate adults.

No schemes in your area?

Not all AA schemes are a member of NAAN. If our Network Map does not show any schemes in your area, you should contact your local authority (council). 

For children

Local authorities have a legal duty under the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 (s.38) to ensure provision of an AA for children via their Youth Offending Team (YOT). Those operating to National Standards will be able to provide trained, vetted AAs. If we do not have a member organisation in your area click here to contact your local Youth Offending Team.

For adults

Some areas do not have appropriate adult provision for vulnerable adults as nobody is legally required to provide it. However, in many areas organised services exist supported by a range of commisioners and funders. You may wish to contact the local authority adult social care team in your area. 

Welcome to the Internet Knowledgebase for the AA Network.

iKAAN (pronounced "I can") is a comprehensive resource designed specifically for trained appropriate adults who operate within the NAAN network. 

It is currently in development and is only available to the scheme leaders of NAAN members. However, if you are an appropriate adult with one of our member organisations, you'll soon be able to create your own free iKAAN account. 

If your organisation is not a member of NAAN, you will not be able to create an account. However, you can: -

NAAN member scheme leaders: enter your login details or if you are already logged in just click here

In order to achieve their objectives, appropriate adults need to work effectively with a range of professionals. The information below has been developed to support the development of effective working relationships. 


  • Health care professionals (NAAN & Royal College of Nursing) - Download
  • Liaison and Diversion Services (NAAN) - Download


  • Solicitors and legal representatives (NAAN)- Download

Criminal justice


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