The appropriate adult is expected to be an active participant and their activities include: 

  • whether the police are treating a person in compliance with their rights and welfare entitlements;
  • whether a person’s condition/state has deteriorated or otherwise changed;
  • whether a person understands the meaning and significance of all information provided to them (including regarding their rights and entitlements, accusations against them, the caution, questions put to them and procedures including disposal options, bail conditions) and of their own replies to questions put to them;
  • whether police and other parties have understood the meaning as intended by the person
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  • a person whenever they are required for any procedure as required by the PACE Codes, including: -
    • Rights and entitlements;
    • Cautions and special warnings;
    • Interviews and written statements;
    • ID procedures & consent (e.g. samples, fingerprints, footwear impressions, photos);
    • Strip searches and intimate searches;
    • The seeking and giving of consent wherever required;
    • Reviews of detention;
    • Charging and related actions (e.g. bail, police cautions).
  • a person, police and third parties whenever necessary to enable effective participation by facilitating effective communication;
  • a person to understand and execute their rights
  • a person aged under 18 for procedures as required by the Crime and Disorder Act 1998
    • Youth cautions (s.66ZA)
    • Youth conditional cautions (s.66B)
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  • where they believe the treatment of a person may not be in compliance with rights and welfare entitlements, escalating through the ranks and ensuring any issue that is not solved is recorded on the interview and/or custody record;
  • if they believe the person’s condition (in relation to their vulnerability) has changed significantly;
  • where they consider it would be in the person’s best interests for a solicitor to attend;
  • wherever necessary to achieve the specified outcomes (including engaging with solicitors and medical professionals)
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