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Welcome to the Internet Knowledgebase for the AA Network.

iKAAN (pronounced "I can") is a comprehensive resource designed specifically for trained appropriate adults who operate within the NAAN network. 

Appropriate adults

If you are an appropriate adult with one of our member organisations, you can create your own free iKAAN account. Just ask your scheme co-ordinator for an access code and then click create an account to apply. Remember to read the instructions on the right of the registration form before completing it. 

If your organisation is not currently a member you can: 

AA scheme leaders 

iKAAN is already available to the scheme leaders of all NAAN member organisations. Just login with your usual details. 

If your organisation is not a member of NAAN, your appropriate adults will not be able to create an iKAAN account. Please consider applying for membership.  

Already logged in? Click here to enter iKAAN. 


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