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What is it?

iKAAN (pronounced "I can") brings together legislation, case law, policy and best practice on the treatment of children and mentally vulnerable adults who are detained or questioned by police.

Who is it for?

The resource is aimed at trained appropriate adults, though other professionals may find it of value. Please note that, while it may be of assistance to untrained AAs (such as parents), it has not been produced with them in mind. 

How does it work?

See the video below for a short demonstration. iKAAN works in a web browser, making it accessible on desktop, tablet and mobile phone.

How to access?


If you are an appropriate adult with one of our member organisations, you can create your own free iKAAN account.

Just ask your scheme co-ordinator for an access code and then click create an account to apply. Remember to read the instructions on the right of the registration form before completing it.

If you are are a scheme leader, you already have acess to iKAAN. Just login with your usual details. 



To get access to iKAAN, please consider applying for membership for your organisation. Alternatively, you can download our free guidance for untrained AAs.


Individuals are welcome to apply for membership or become a supporter of the charity. Alternatively, you can download our free guidance for untrained AAs.

Terms of Service

By using iKAAN, you accept our Terms of Service. Please read them before applying. 

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