Who should join NAAN?

NAAN membership is open to:
  • Organisations operating appropriate adult schemes (full membership)
  • Any other organisation or individual with an interest (associate membership)
Our current membership includes:
  • AA schemes
  • AA commissioners
  • Police and Crime Commissioners
  • Police forces
  • Individuals
Find out more about the benefits of NAAN membership.

What are the benefits?

Membership brings many benefits for organisations and individuals involved or interested in, appropriate adult work. These include:-

  • Regular e-updates relevant to AA provision
  • Expert support with commissioning and developing effective AA provision
  • Free tickets to Professional Development Days (PDDs)
  • Access to the national training pack (7 modules) and AA training videos
  • Access to the Members' section of the website (including the Research Hub, Development Templates, Budget Calculator and presentations from past PDDs)
  • A simple way to demonstrate your commitment to the National Standards

Download a leaflet on the benefits of NAAN membership

What are the fees?


The annual membership fee is £150 for renewing Full and Associate Members. The membership year runs 1st April to 31st of March for all members, so if you are applying as a new member please see the section below to determine your inital payment.

New Members

To minimise administrative costs, the membership year runs from 1st April to 31st of March for all members.To ensure organisations joining late in the year are not disadvantaged, a pro-rata rate is available when committing to membership for the following year. This allows new members to benefit from the same average cost of £12.50 per month as existing members. Please specify your preferred fee option on your application form.

   To year end  Pro-rata
 Joining month  Fee (£)    Next renewal      Fee (£)    Next renewal 
 February 2017  150.00  April 2017  175.00  April 2018
 March 2017  150.00  April 2017  162.50  April 2018
 April 2017  150.00  April 2018      -
 May 2017  150.00  April 2018  287.50  April 2019
 June 2017  150.00  April 2018  275.00   April 2019
 July 2017  150.00  April 2018  262.50   April 2019
 August 2017  150.00  April 2018  250.00   April 2019 
 September 2017  150.00  April 2018  237.50   April 2019 
 October 2017  150.00  April 2018  225.00   April 2019 
 November 2017  150.00  April 2018  212.50   April 2019 
 December 2017  150.00  April 2018  200.00   April 2019 
 January 2018  150.00  April 2018  187.50   April 2019 
 February 2018  150.00  April 2018  175.00   April 2019 
 March 2018  150.00  April 2018  162.50   April 2019 


Fees do not become due until your application has been accepted. Our preferred method of payment for membership fees is by BACS / bank transfer. We can also accept cheques. We regret we are unable to accept credit or debit card payments.

Which membership type?

Under its governing document NAAN has two types of membership, with different eligibilty criteria. The benefits of membership and fees are the same. However, full members have a controlling stake in the organisation. 

Full Membership

Open to organisations in England and Wales currently operating appropriate adult services. Includes the right to nominate one representative for election to Board of Trustees and to vote on its behalf at General Meetings.

Associate Membership

Open to organisations and individuals in the United Kingdom connected with appropriate adult services, for example: -
  • Appropriate adults*
  • Local authorities
  • Police and Crime Commissioners
  • Organisations interested in developing appropriate adult services
  • Organisations specialising in specific conditions
  • Service user organisations  
  • Police forces
  • Legal practices
  • People with an interest in promoting good practice in the role of the appropriate adult
Associate members have the right to attend and speak but not to vote at General Meetings. They cannot nominate a representative for election to the Board of Trustees.

*You are not required to become a member of NAAN in order to be an AA. Your local scheme will provide you with support. See our information on becoming an appropriate adult.

Who decides on applications?

Under our governing document, applications for membership must be reviewed and agreed by the Board of Trustees. The Board meets quarterly but every effort is made to review applications as soon as possible and this is often done by email.

Member Protocol

The National Appropriate Adult Network (NAAN) is committed to improving both the range and quality of appropriate adult services in England and Wales. In order to do this effectively, we ask all members to operate under the following protocol.

Commitment to Confidentiality

One of the key tools the network has is the networking opportunities offered to its members through conferences, network meetings and other events. For networking to be effective, members need to be able to share thoughts, concerns, issues and suggestions in an environment of mutual respect and trust. At times, sensitive information about scheme operations or finances may be discussed. 

By applying for membership, your organisation:
  • agrees to treat all such sensitive information in confidence
  • agrees not to repeat confidential information about other schemes outside the network
  • agrees not to make use of such information directly in the event of seeking a contract in competition with other NAAN members
Commitment to Fair Competition

NAAN recognises that members may legitimately compete for contracts with other members. By applying for membership, your organisation: 
  • agrees not to make misleading claims about their own service in this process
  • agrees not to undermine, directly or indirectly, the method of work or professionalism of other members.

Commitment to Equality & Diversity

NAAN is committed to equal opportunities and recognises the value of diversity in the delivery of services. By applying for membership, your organisation: 
  • agrees to make every effort to manage their projects in accordance with Equal Opportunity principles
  • confirms their commitment to encouraging and enabling diversity.

Please read the Member Protocol above before proceeding with an application. If you have any questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 07739 904858.

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