PACE Code C Consultation

02/09/13 - Consultation

Home Office consultation on changes affecting 17 year olds ended on the 25th September.

The Home Office stated: -

The draft changes to the codes have been made in order to comply with the Divisional Court judgement in HC v The Secretary of State for the Home Department and the Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis.

"In HC, the court held that PACE Code C must be amended so that 17 years olds were not treated in the same way as adults aged 18 and over. The changes apply the safeguards in Codes C and H currently applicable to juveniles (aged 16 or under) to 17 year olds except in relation to primary legislation which cannot be extended to 17 year olds unless it is amended by Parliament. The main effect is to require an appropriate adult be called to help a 17 year old and for a person responsible for the welfare of the 17 year old (such as a parent or guardian) to be informed of their status as a detainee."

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