Autism Survey

10/07/14 - AA university autism survey 

Are you an AA who has had experience of supporting people with austism? Please spare some time complete a survey and influence future services. Find out more by clicking below.

Universities researching AA experiences of autism in the criminal justice system

Over 700,000 people in the UK have received an autism diagnosis and this group are also at increased risk of becoming a victim, witness or suspect of crime.

NAAN is supporting a the work of a team of researchers at three UK Universities (Bath, City University London, Royal Holloway) . They are conducting research that aims to survey the views of Appropriate Adults about their experiences of autism and the criminal justice system. They want to know about your specific experiences: what happened, what you think worked well, and what you think could have been improved.

To complement this, they are also surveying other professionals who work within the criminal justice system (including police, solicitors, judges, clinicians and intermediaries), as well as people with autism and their families, to find out their views on these matters.

By combining these views and opinions, they hope to be able to contribute to recommendations about how to obtain the best evidence from people on the autism spectrum, as well as how to train and equip officers to communicate with and interview people with autism effectively.

Dr Katie Maras (Bath), Dr Laura Crane (City University) and Prof Amina Memon (Royal Holloway) would like you to complete the following survey.

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