We're recruiting!

14/04/2016 - We're recruiting!

NAAN is looking for an Effective Practice Manager. Do you have the knowledge, skills and experience to support appropriate adult schemes across England and Wales?       

groupinteractionforwebAwareness has never been higher of the vulnerability of children and mentally vulnerable adults who are detained, or otherwise questioned, by police. Recognition of the nature, value, and potential of the appropriate adult role is growing rapidly. In turn, appropriate adult schemes face closer scrutiny than ever before.

NAAN has a unique infrastructure role at the centre of appropriate adult work. With over 100 member organisations, we are both led by, and provide leadership for, practitioners. This enables us to generate extensive national impact, well beyond what might be expected from such a small charity.

The successful candidate will take a practical lead on the development of effective practice in England and Wales. They’ll also work closely with the Chief Executive, playing a central part in shaping the future of the charity. We’re looking for an exceptional individual with extensive experience of appropriate adult schemes, the role of the appropriate adult, and PACE. They will be passionate about our work and keen to involve themselves in the running a small charity with big objectives. If this sounds like you, we hope you’ll apply.

Find out more and apply for the role of Effective Practice Manager.