This guidance

This resource is intended to help local areas ensure full and effective provision of appropriate adults for people detained or questioned in relation to criminal or terrorism-related offences and who:

It is aimed at individuals and teams who have responsibility for researching and developing plans for an appropriate adult scheme for their local area. It provides information wihch will support decisions as to whether the scheme will be:

  • an in-house scheme (e.g. managed directly by a youth offending team or social services); or
  • a commissioned (contracted out) scheme; or
  • a hybrid of the above.

Where the resource refers to:

  • 'Developers' it means people who are developing an in-house scheme which they intend to coordinate themselves
  • 'Commissioners' it means people who intend to ask another organsation to coordinate the scheme. 
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This resource both provides detailed information and prompts key questions which will need to be answered locally.  This will assist scheme developers and commissioners in developing an understanding of:  

  • Vulnerability in the context of criminal investigations
  • The role of the appropriate adult including its purpose and boundaries
  • The importance of independence
  • Potential local stakeholders and partners
  • Local demand and existing provision
  • Potential models of provision
  • Defining an effective specification
  • Financial considerations
  • Identifying and managing risks
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • The market for AA provision

In addition links to additional resources are provided, along with a number of templates. 

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There are wide range of resources that can be drawn upon in order to inform effective AA provision development or commissioning. This guidance aims to make the process more efficent by developers by drawing on those resources at appropriate points, providing references and links to the source material.

However, key documents include: 

Children and adults services

Adult services

Child services

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