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Who is this information for?

Being an appropriate adult (video) 

Written guides


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Who is this information for?

The information below is for people who have been asked to act as an appropriate adult for someone they know. 

This might be your child or other family member, a friend, or someone you support. 

You may be feeling confused, overwhelmed, upset, even angry.

The information below will help you to understand your role and provide them with the best possible support. 

Being an appropriate adult (video)

Give us your feedback

If you are a parent, family member or other supporter who has watched the video, we'd love to hear your feedback 

Give feedback

Video tips

  • Click "CC" to add closed captions or subtitles (we hope to add more languages)
  • Click the cog to watch in lower quality (to save mobile data)
  • Click the lines to move between 'chapters' in the video
  • Click the four arrows  to watch in full screen mode
  • Click the Vimeo logo to watch on the Vimeo website (or app if you have it)

Want to watch later with no internet connection?

  • Some custody suites don't have a signal
  • While you have a connnection, download the Vimeo app from your app store
  • Find the video
  • Click the three dots and then "add to offline"
  • Chapters and subtitles are not availalbe in the app

You can also watch the video on the Vimeo website by:

Can my organisation use the video?

Do you represent a police force, charity community group, or other organisation?

If you'd like to use the video in your work, please see our video implementation page for information and resources (including our poster).  

If you are currently acting, or thinking about acting as appropriate adults, you may be interested in membership, training and qualifications

In the meantime, we'd love your your feedback on the video. 

Professional feedback


The project was a partnership between Dr Miranda Bevan (funded by the London School of Economics and the Economic and Social Research Council) and the National Appropriate Adult Network.

Ilustration and animation by John Brown and Scott Spencer.

Voice acting by Audionarrative and Jon Wright.

Written guides

  • Download and print, or save to a phone
  • Print our quick guide double-sided and fold into thirds to make a pocket sized pamphlet
2021 NAAN AA guide detailed   2021 NAAN AA guide detailed
 Being an appropriate adult: an independent guide   A quick guide to being an appropriate adult
(10 pages)   (2 pages)


Your safety

  • If you have any queries about the impact of corononavirus on health and safety, please ask the police custody suite that has asked you to attend.
  • The police are committed to providing you with free appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).   

Legal advice

  • Everyone has the right to free legal advice when interviewed as a suspect by the police. The Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE) Code of Practice C 6B says that if a person is to be interviewed, or an appropriate adult is required, legal advice should always be provided in-person, not remotely. 
  • Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, there has been an agreement between police, prosecutors and defence lawyers about the delivery of legal advice. Under this agreement, in very limited circumstances, defence lawyers have sought to provide legal assistance in interviews via video conferencing or telephone. 
  • NAAN is not a signatory to the agreement and operates under PACE Code C. There is evidence that remote legal representation negatively impacts on children and vulnerable people. It is the responsibility of an appropriate adult to safeguard (protect, ensure) the interests of children and vulnerable adults. NAAN does not believe that remote legal advice is in the interests of children and vulnerable adults. You can read our detailed guidance and reasons here.  

Need more help?

We know that every situation is unique. 

We know there is a need for a national helpline that can provide individual advice.

As a very small charity, we don't yet have the capacity to answer individual cases. 

We are looking at how this kind of support could be provided in future.

We have a range of other web pages that may be helpful, including:

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