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Who should join NAAN?

Full membership of NAAN is open to organisations which currently provide appropriate adults. In addition to all other benefits, full members have:

  • the right to nominate one representative for election to Board of Trustees
  • the right to vote at NAAN General Meetings.

Associate membership is open to organisation or individuals with an interest, such as:

  • organisations considering providing AA schemes in the future
  • organisations responsible for developing or commissioning AA provision
  • service users
  • service user organisations
  • police and crime commissioners
  • police forces
  • legal practices
  • people with an interest in promoting good practice in the role of the AA
  • organisations or individuals specialising in specific conditions (e.g. brain injury, mental health, autism, learning disability).

Please note that:

  • there is no requirement on individuals to become a member of NAAN in order to be an appropriate adult. See our information on becoming an appropriate adult.
  • applications are reviewed and agreed by the Board of Trustees which reserves the right to decline applications
  • schemes are not required to be currently meeting the National Standards in order to gain full membership but must meet minimum standards set by the Board.

What are the benefits of membership?

By becoming a member of NAAN, your organisation will:

  • demonstrate its commitment to the National Standards for AA provision
  • have a voice in national policy making by contributing to national forums, working groups and consultations including the PACE Code consultations
  • support our work to encourage the development of a clear, sustainable solution to funding for AAs for vulnerable adults.

Of course, we all have to justify every pound very clearly, so here are some of the really practical benefits of NAAN membership for your organisation, whether you join as a full or associate member.

Bespoke advice and support

It can be difficult to access specialist subject-matter support within your own organisation. There may well be nobody else who knows about AA provision. Member organisations have access to our Effective Practice Manager. Having run AA schemes for some 20 years and acted as AA in around 2,000 cases, he is a fantastic source of support on practice and scheme management issues. Those developing or commissioning schemes can benefit from personalised support from our experienced Chief Executive.

National standards self-assessment tool

NAAN members have access to a purpose-built Self-Assessment Tool to guide them through the process of assessing current provision, or indeed developing new provison, against the National Standards. 

Practitioner knowledgebase

Membership includes access to iKAAN. Our ‘internet knowledgebase for the AA network’ is an online resource for front-line practitioners. It breaks down the complexities of PACE, Codes of Practice and other sources of law and combines it with best practice guidance in a simple Q&A format. If you are Full Member (an AA provider) this includes access not just for the primary contact but for all your AAs. This gives your trained AAs a fully-referenced guide that ensures they always have the information they need, on their computer, tablet or smartphone. 

Scheme leader knowledgebase

Membership also provides access to NAAN's online knowledgebase aimed at scheme coordinators. It is designed to hold information, resources and templates for scheme coordination and management, aiming to make scheme leaders more efficient and effective. We intend to grow an develop it over the coming months and years.

Commissioner and developer knowledgebase

NAAN has developed a comprehensive resource for AA commissioners and in-house scheme developers to improve their understanding and drive improvements in AA provision. Please note that membership is not currently required to gain access to this resource, however it may be required in future.

Training resources

Your organisation also gets access to the National AA Training Pack, a critical resource if you are training your own AAs locally. We make regular updates to make ensure the latest resources. The pack now includes 23 hours of learning set over 9 modules and 224 pages, including a new dedicated module for terrorism investigations. There are also a number of NAAN training videos and we've curated a selection of third party videos that support AA training.

Accredited qualification service

Members have access to our new accredited AA qualifications service. The learning outcomes of these three Ofqual-regulated qualifications are aligned with the National Standards and the NAAN training pack. This service provides a simple and cost-effective route to offering AAs the chance to obtain a formal qualification. Commissioners are increasingly including a requirement that AAs hold the national qualification as a way of ensuring quality provision. Additional ‘per learner’ fees apply, see qualifications.

Professional development days

Membership includes the opportunity to get free tickets to our PDD events. These provide a great opportunity to hear from experts and share questions, ideas and experiences with others. They are valuable for scheme coordinators, AAs, police officers, related professionals, managers and commissioners. You'll also be able to access speaker presentations and videos, making it easy to cascade learning to the rest of your team.


As primary contact you'll receive updates by email relevant to AA provision. These include changes to law and best practice, new resources, upcoming events and new tender opportunities. We don’t like to bombard your inbox but usually send around 3 e-updates per month.

What is the membership subscription fee? 

The wide variety of types of organisation and ways of running AA schemes means we need to have a flexible membership fee system. 
The annual membership subscription starts at £200 for both full and associate members. This is the lowest fee and applies to AA schemes that provide services in a single area, such as the local YOT or charity. 
For larger, multi-part, multi-site or federal organisations and organisations that provide AAs in multiple local authority areas fees vary. If you think this might apply to you, we can discuss this with you before or after you've submitted your application.

Subscriptions do not become due until your application has been accepted. Our preferred payment method is BACS / bank transfer.

What is expected of NAAN members?

The National Appropriate Adult Network (NAAN) is committed to improving both the range and quality of appropriate adult services in England and Wales. In order to do this effectively, we ask all members to operate under the following protocol.

Commitment to Confidentiality

One of the key tools the network has is the networking opportunities offered to its members through conferences, network meetings and other events. For networking to be effective, members need to be able to share thoughts, concerns, issues and suggestions in an environment of mutual respect and trust. At times, sensitive information about scheme operations or finances may be discussed. 

By applying for membership, your organisation:

  • agrees to treat all such sensitive information in confidence
  • agrees not to repeat confidential information about other schemes outside the network
  • agrees not to make use of such information directly in the event of seeking a contract in competition with other NAAN members

Commitment to Fair Competition

NAAN recognises that members may legitimately compete for contracts with other members. By applying for membership, your organisation: 

  • agrees not to make misleading claims about their own service in this process
  • agrees not to undermine, directly or indirectly, the method of work or professionalism of other members.

Commitment to Equality & Diversity

NAAN is committed to equal opportunities and recognises the value of diversity in the delivery of services. By applying for membership, your organisation: 

  • agrees to make every effort to manage their projects in accordance with Equal Opportunity principles
  • confirms their commitment to encouraging and enabling diversity.

Please read the Member Protocol above before proceeding with an application. If you have any questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 07739 904858.

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