Training feedback

We ask learners for feedback after every training session we deliver. We do this because we want to know:

  • that our training makes a positive difference
  • how we can continuously improve our training. 


Here's a summary of overall satisfaction...

2019 survey training satisfied

And a summary of how much people felt they learnt...

2019 survey training learning

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Was the training pitched at the right level for its purpose?

·         A good amount of detail, well explained. As an OT amongst a group of social workers I was still able to follow and grasp the subject matter.

·         Absolutely the knowledge and experiences shared by Grev, was really appreciated and enhanced the learning.

·         Adequate and informative

·         Content was very beneficial

·         Covered all aspects needed

·         Delivery was very engaging

·         Detailed, informative and appropriate

·         Found it very useful.

·         Good clear narrative to support the slides

·         Good pace

·         Good recap on what we've been told before

·         Good training, a lot of information that was relevant and easy to understand.

·         Great, engaging and comprehensive training

·         Informative and effective training. Good use of gap exercises and discussion. Very knowledgeable.

·         Interesting, informative, challenging but at a good level. Learning without being overwhelmed.

·         It was engaging and presented in a manner I understood

·         It was helpful to learn about the role of the appropriate adult in a mental health setting

·         Proper breaks to assimilate information  Lots of discussion

·         Really enjoyed it and has further enhanced my knowledge about being appropriate adult

·         Really enjoyed the course and found it iuseful

·         Really good training, well presented and a great learning experience

·         The course was very interesting, there was a lot to learn, of course more time on each subject would have benefited, however, I feel that the course was the right balance of learning, questioning and group activities to obtain enough information to start the role.

·         The session was pitched at an appropriate level

·         The trainer was very helpful in the way that he pitched the training in making (sure - my edit) each subject was understood and retained. It was very appropriate for the role within a mental health setting.

·         The training was interesting and informative

·         This was an excellent day. Training was delivered in a very approachable way and hence I feel I have learned a lot, it has fuelled my interest and made me even more determined and enthusiastic to be part of Headways future AA plans.

·         Training gave me confidence and a good insight to what an AA involves.

·         Training was extremely informative and accessible and answered questions that was not sure about.   Well presented and information

·         Very clear and concise  Informative in all aspects

·         Very enjoyable

·         Very good training, interactive, good knowledge and confidence in being an AA

·         Very informative  A lot of discussion was had

·         Very well covered in a short time

·         Well informed refresher course

·         Well paced and explained

·         Yes key points covered numerous times throughout the day to make sure that we understood the role of the appropriate adult

Was the right balance struck between breath and depth?

·         Liked re-capping and checking understanding  - Key points reiterated

·         Enough time was spent on each topic. Good refresher.

·         Felt right, good to cover theory then go into the custody suite to see 'reality'

·         Good balance

·         Good balance of information in one day.

·         I feel that everything was covered in the right amount of time

·         I think just a bit more on confidentiality

·         A bit rushed at the end - but running out of time!

·         Information was delivered at a steady pace and very current

·         Modules broken down and relayed well.

·         Mostly about right but some subjects were a bit rushed due to our time constraints

·         N/A - What was delivered was great!

·         Perhaps a few more examples/anecdotes

·         Steady pace, allowed for interaction within the group. Topic of interest. Would be useful to some of my outreach team.

·         Subjects were appropriate to client based service, and correct times spent on each subject.

·         Very informative and explained in depth

·         Would liked more time on the final slide show from the psychologist

·         A role play would have helped.

·         Would have liked more videos on examples of an AA interview situ at police station

How much have your knowledge/skills improved?

·         As I am new, I got to learn a lot of stuff i'd never encountered or even heard about

·         At start of training had some idea about procedures/process but clearly have a much better understanding

·         Course delivered very well by Grev

·         Excellent training. I feel really informed.

·         Excellent training. Knowledge gained and skills will be improved

·         Eye open and informative

·         Feel empowered and more confident

·         Feel more confident/prepared for when requested to act as an appropriate adult

·         Feel suitably prepared and reasonable confident with the role

·         Good feedback from people attending

·         Have never been an AA before. However, would feel confident enough to be one.

·         Having been an AA for patients from a psychiatric hospital to care and look out for clients, it was good to learn the legal aspect.

·         I feel that i know much more and it has made me feel far more confident.

·         I had no idea what the role involved and now have a clearer knowledge of what it entails

·         I have not had this training in many years, so I found it very helpful.

·         I learn't more in this one day course than the two day course that I attended.

·         I learnt the role of the AA and the rationale behind the role

·         I now feel ecquiped to undertake the role.

·         I realised how important this role is and how important it is to speak up.

·         I was happy with the training

·         I was totally blind of what was concerned about. Learn a lot.

·         Improved and updated skills and knowledge. Gave me more confidence etc

·         In-depth discussions after slides and handouts to be able to let the info sink in

·         It has also given me a lot of confidence because I understand the role better.

·         It has give me more insight into the role outside of the hospital setting

·         My skill set was challenged because of the course material. This will help my professional growth.

·         My skills/knowledge have enhanced making me understand my role as an AA in Feltham better

·         Need to do more background reading the material. Codes of practice.

·         Position in relation to legal rep.

·         The info was given over the whole session not just in each module so actually the cover was better.

·         The training was very informative, gave me a true understanding and a lot of knowledge about being an appropriate adult.

·         Very empowering

·         Very engaging and trainer clearly an expert. Very informative.

·         Very useful and well presented.   I have gained much more confidence at the thought of attending the police station with service users

·         Would still need a lot more knowledge/skills development to become more confident

Will you be doing anything differently as a result?

·         More confident in the event I need to be an AA and know a lot more in terms of what to expect

·         Added into work rota for being an AA

·         All new learning so will take it all forward

·         As team, we will request a police document to be put together for our establishment

·         Be a clearer advocate on behalf of young people and more confident to challenge procedure or what might be inappropriate

·         Be confident to challenge the police.  Very interesting course! Thank you!

·         Before the training I was not aware that I could see the custody record

·         Better understanding of the role of AA/legal. Asking more questions at the police station. Scrutinising a copy of the custody record.

·         Clarification on shaking hands

·         Definitely consider taking up an AA position outside of Headway

·         Feel completely equipped to commence in the AA role

·         Feel confident if asked to be an AA.

·         Feel more confident to be called upon as an AA in future. The course has increased my knowledge of the process and procedure of being an AA and what it entails.

·         Feel more confident to voice concerns. Much better equipped to be an AA.

·         Feel very confident being an appropriate adult when/if called on

·         Feeling more confident in the role of the AA

·         Get more involved in the interview process if there is something wrong and be able to offer more help to the detained person

·         Have never been an AA before - however, would now feel condfident enough to be one.

·         Haven't been an AA yet, therefore more confident that I know what my role would be and that i'd be able to support a service user in that situation.

·         Having never acted as an AA previously I found the course gave me a good foundation for the role.

·         Hopefully gaining experience

·         Hopefully I will become an active AA for Headway in the north east

·         I am aware that I can challenge the police and staff if required, request legal representation if declined by detainee

·         I am more aware of the AA's powers and will be more confident in the role.

·         I am now fully aware of the do's and dont's expected from an AA and feel confident if I choose to move forward with it.

·         I feel after today more confident in my role as an appropriate adult

·         I had no expectations of the AA role, that said it is a lot more involved than I first believed so the training was very useful for required knowledge and expectations.

·         I have a better understanding of my powers as an AA, and feeling confident in that role.

·         I have been made more aware of this role and feel it would be something I want to pursue

·         I have gained a better understanding of the role of an AA. I will put this into practice when needed.

·         I have never been an AA so hopefully I will be able to do things in a reasonable positive way.

·         I have never done it before but would be confident going forward

·         I haven't acted as an AA in this setting yet

·         I haven't done any work as an appropriate adult yet so really I am unable to comment.

·         I know a lot more about the persons rights and my role as an AA. I will be more confident and will question the process more to ensure that the person is treated fairly.

·         I now feel more comfortable in being able to stop an interview and know when to.

·         I now have knowledge and understanding of the role

·         I now know what to do.

·         I understand more the importance of an AA now.

·         I wasn't an AA before

·         I will be able to apply this knowledge

·         I will be challenging police officers when I feel things are not right, like when my YP's need a break etc.

·         I will be looking into becoming an AA

·         I will look at the case studies included in the slides.

·         I would know what rights I have as an appropriate adult, what to do when acting as an appropriate adult, and when to interject in an interview and to ensure that it is conducted fairly.

·         I wouldn't have felt comfortable doing this role without the training - although I am still apprehensive, I feel much better prepared.

·         If called, on the empowering nature of this talk would change my approach

·         It will give me greater appreciation of the role of the AA and what to expect if my clients are detained.

·         Liaise with local police re ID card and AA role locally.

·         More callouts - builds on confidence  Talking to colleagues about their experiences

·         More confident when dealing with the police

·         N/A - No previous experience of the role

·         No previous experience of being an AA. Therefore everything I know is from today't training  I won't be frightened to speak out in the police station. If I have a concern for the client, I will say so.

·         Not be afraid to speak up. Not be intimidated.

·         Not been an appropriate adult before but will definitely know what I will be doing if I ever did.

·         Not undertaken role as yet so no changes to make. But I will feel more informed.

·         Now well informed of the role, the rights of the person and the rights of the AA.

·         Put appropriate adult skills into practice

·         Supporting survivors of a brain injury as an appropriate adult.

·         This was our first training

·         Will ask more questions. I feel more confident in my role as an AA.

·         Will use new confidence and knowledge to support survivors of acquired brain injury

·         With a lot of confidence and knowledge